12 Feb

Kurt Hugo Schneider’s 2013 medley

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In less than 4 minutes this musical genius takes you through 2013’s biggest hits. I found it a little late through this post, but I still thoroughly enjoy the music, the video and the atmosphere. Almost 2 million views on YouTube, all well deserved if you ask me! :)

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15 Feb

Top Rock Music Festivals in The U.S. for 2013

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If you are planning to rock it all out this year, we have lined up some of the top music festivals happening in the the next few months in the United States. Mark your calendar, set your budget, fly over, and have a ton of rockin’ fun!

SXSW in Austin, Texascoachella

One of the mostly anticipated music festivals is the SXSW. Expect big crowds when it kicks off on March 12 in Austin. Actually, this is not just a rock festival but more of a pop culture event that helps bring music to the people. Aside from great sounds, you can expect films, technology, and lectures from some industry leaders.

Coachella in Indio, California

The Coachella this year will run between 12 and 14 April and its second offering on 19 to 21 April. It has gotten bigger since its birth in 1999. Attendees are treated with acts from established artists, up-and-coming performers, and rare appearances of music legends.

Sasquatch in George, Washington

George in Washington has a population of 500 on a regular day but come 24 May, expect that to change big time as the Sasquatch hits town. The festival boasts of a long list of artists like Metric, Silversun Pickups, Sins, Beck, and Bon Iver in the past year and fans are still waiting who will be performing this year.

Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois

The Lollapalooza may not be as hot as when it started as a caravan of the best alternative rock performers and other acts but we cannot deny that this one set the stage for the other music festivals. The popularity of this festival has sprouted to other countries like Brazil and will be going to Israel next year.

03 Dec

Rihanna and other artists oppose proposed compensation of Pandora Media

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rihannaSome of the biggest names in the music industry like Rihanna, Missy Elliott, and Billy Joel expressed their opposition to the move of Pandora Media to change how they are being compensated through an open letter.

Pandora Media is lobbying in the U.S. Congress for the passage of the Internet Radio Fairness Act that will change regulations on how artists get their royalties.

A group of more than a hundred musicians who claim that they are fans of the media brand say that the proposed bill will drop their royalties by as much as 85% when their songs are played over the internet.

An article on Billboard magazine reports on how the artists see the move of Pandora as very unfair knowing that musicians rely heavily on their royalties.

Artists coalitions and other organizations like SoundExchange and musicFirst reiterate the stand of artists with regard to the matter.

Pandora is an online music company that heavily relies on advertisements. The company was established more than ten years ago. Last October, the company reported that they have a 7% share of the total radio listening in the United States or up from 4% last year.

The success of Pandora has been double-edged since the more customer it gets, the more payout it needs to give to artists for streaming their songs online. They have a set rate until 2015.

Pandora and other online music companies are lobbying for the bill arguing that providers like cable and satellite follow different rates. They also argue that the current law is unfair to new media including internet radio. They are pushing for technology-neutral playing field in the music industry.

05 Oct

Top October 2012 Music Festivals in the World

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October kicks off and aside from the Oktoberfest celebrations around the world, music junkies have enough reasons to celebrate to as the month also marks the dates for some of the best musical festivals in the world:

Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event runs from October 17 to 21 and is the biggest festival of its kind. Back when it started in 1996, it had 30 DJs and around 300 delegates. Last year’s event was spread across 52 venues, with 800 acts, attended by 140,000 visitors, and 3,000 business professionals. The conference involves workshops, discussions, panels, and of course parties!


The Unsound Festival in Krakow will take place between October 14 and 21. This year, new collaborations will be featuring Sinfonieeta Cracovia and Demdike Sare, Oneohtrix and Time Hecker, Point Never and Hieroglyphic Being among others. Expect some curveball collaboration as well and enjoy.


This festival is held every year in Dom Im Berg in Graz, Austria. This year’s discussions and electronic music blast will happened starting October 24 thru 28. The partying in the cave will feature the linkes of Kevin Martin, Noam Chomsky, Rolly Porter and many more.

Movement Torino

The Movement festival that started in Detroit has made its way Torino, Italy. Every year the lineup changes every year but the event is commonly held at Pala Olimpico Isozaki. This year’s Movement will feature the talents of Maceo Plex, 2 Many DJs, Derrick May, Chris Liebing among others.


Running from October 5 to 20, Ether held annually in London promotes the cross pollination of the music genre, from classical, electronic, and contemporary.. The proponents have shown how these kinds of music have been comfotable co-exisiting in the airwaves. Hear the works of Mount Kimbie, Bass Clef, Raime, Apparat, Christian Marclay, Tryondai Braxton and other artists.

03 Jul

Best Music Festivals this July 2012

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GGUK_Sat_PUSummer is in full swing so are the music festivals this season. Here are some amazing music festivals you can go to this month:

Open’er Festival in Poland

The Open’er Festival started back in 2002 and will be held from July 2 to 7 this year. This music festival has grown bigger thru the years and has forced organizers to find bigger venues for it. This year, it will feature great performers like Major Lazer, M83, Public Enemy, The KDMS, The xx, Iza Lach, Orbital, and Bat for Lashes.

Wakestock in Wales

The Wakestock music festival will run from July 6 to 8 this month. It features urban, indie, and electronic music highlighting some of the best artists of the music industry. Aside from local names, the festival also features acts from other countries. You will enjoy the sounds of Chruch, Jakwob, Funeral for a Friend, Breakage, and Calvin Harris among others.

T in the Park in Scotland

This music festival in the UK has something to offer for music lovers. It will kick off on the 6th and end on July 8th. It can be a strange mix but fun to see Happy Mondays, Keane, Orbital, Nicki Minaj, Elbow, Kasabian and other big artists. You will also be able to enjoy the music of Dry the River, Teengirl Fantasy, Zulu Winter, The Stone Roses, and New Order.

GlobalGathering in England

Before the end of the month, GlobalGathering will bring to England the sounds of Benga, High Contrast, Chase & Status, Magnetic Man, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Knife Party, and Tinie Tempah. And a lot more.

Latitude in England

Head to Suffolk to enjoy the party atmosphere brought about by the performance of Zola Jesus, Bon Iver, Paul Weller, Elbom, Kurt Ville, and The Antlers among others. Expect amazing results from the collaboration of Pet Shop Boys and Javier de Frutos called The Most Incredible Thing.

25 Apr

Survival guide to the 2012 Coachella

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The Coachella music festival kicks off on April 13 and you can expect big names like Dr. Dre & Snoop, The Black Keys, Swedish House Mafia, and Radiohead among others. You can see the whole line up for the Coachella below.

Here are our survival tips so you can enjoy this year’s Coachella:


You should have a gameplan so you can see the artists you love. Know the line up, know the schedule, and get there before the hoards of people occupy every piece of soil in front of the stage.


This music festival attracts really big crowds and getting a hotel room will not be that easy. By now most rooms in Palm Springs and Indio will be booked so we hope you have reserved rooms earlier or pay a higher price.

Do not drive going to the festival

If you do not want to be stuck, do not drive to the Coachella. The traffic back log is for the books with horrible waits of as much as three to five hours. Take a cab, bike, or walk. You will be better off.

Dress right

It will be in a desert, no need for your party get up. Have the basics which can help you survive the hot daytime and very cold night time.

Explore and Enjoy

The festival is for you to discover music and the arts. There will be a lot of artists you want to see on the lineup and go around the grounds when you do not feel the music scene going on. Aside from the music there will be a lot more to enjoy. Also go with a group so it will be more fun but do not be afraid to split up to discover more.

15 Dec

Madonna takes center stage at the 2012 Super Bowl

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Madonna-in-2009It is confirmed that Madonna will be performing at the half time slot of the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis next February. The superstar will also be launching her new album that time coinciding with the prestigious musical showcase.

What should Madonna do to make her half time treat for the football fans a hit? Here are some of my suggestions:

Cover Up

Everyone’s eyes are ready for any wardrobe malfunction during the half time show of Super Bowl ever since the incident in 2004 involving Janet Jackson and Jason Timberlake. But Madonna has been an intriguing personality since she begun with things ranging from black Christ, kissing another female singer during an awards show, and releasing a book about analingus and sadomasochism. Ah, it will be nothing shocking if she flashes her chest.


How about a duet with other music icons like Michael Jackson. You know the kind of duet done by Natalie Cole with his dad Nat King Cole on video? Imagine the King of Pop on the big screen. Or maybe do a cover of one of Jacko’s songs.

Do it with Gaga

How about Madonna swallowing some of her pride to do Super Bowl’s half time show with the Italian-American performer Lady Gaga. The stage will be so unpredictable with the music icon and protégé sharing the spotlight.

04 Sep

Like Dance Festivals? Check out Tomorrowland!

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Tomorrowland is probably Europe’s most exciting dance festival (maybe second behind sister-party Mysteryland in The Netherlands?), and each year it seems to be more exciting than the year before…

Here’s the video of this year’s edition — check it out — it’s absolutely amazing!

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13 Aug

3 Ways to Get a Record Deal

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All musicians and singers dream of the day when their hard works is validated through a record deal. Knowing how to make that dream come true is vital to prevent wasted energy or resources on the road to successfully recording. These are three basic ways one can successfully achieve a record deal.

First, create a product that is going to attract the attention of record labels. Having a demo of one’s best work is crucial to getting the attention of those in the music business that can potentially sign you. The music should represent a band’s best production, so investing in quality recordings is critical. Once the demo album is recorded, it needs to be released in several different formats to accommodate the variety of tastes particular to record company’s preferences. For example, some labels will prefer a physical copy included in a press packet while others willvinyl desire an email with a link to a website that hosts the album for downloadable listening. Good music can be easily overlooked if the demo is of poor quality or if it was not shared in an appropriate format.

Second, create a proven track record of activity and self promotion. Labels will do a lot to produce an album and support a musician, but they want to know they are investing in a group that is committed to their own work. Playing concerts, keeping websites updated and maintaining a presence in the music world are all ways that a group can prove to a label that they are committed. Bands that find ways to have their music played on radio stations or by DJs will build a following that will translate into noticeable opportunity for the record company. Record companies want to nurture new talent, but bringing experience and proven dedication to the table will make a label more likely to see financial potential in an unsigned band.

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01 Jun

Weezy’s How To Love…

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Cut the music up….

Weezy sings on this track and for some reason, it works out. I bet production was a b*tch, though…

[EDIT] Updated with official HD video from Youtube, added on Aug 24.