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03 Dec

Rihanna and other artists oppose proposed compensation of Pandora Media

rihannaSome of the biggest names in the music industry like Rihanna, Missy Elliott, and Billy Joel expressed their opposition to the move of Pandora Media to change how they are being compensated through an open letter.

Pandora Media is lobbying in the U.S. Congress for the passage of the Internet Radio Fairness Act that will change regulations on how artists get their royalties.

A group of more than a hundred musicians who claim that they are fans of the media brand say that the proposed bill will drop their royalties by as much as 85% when their songs are played over the internet.

An article on Billboard magazine reports on how the artists see the move of Pandora as very unfair knowing that musicians rely heavily on their royalties.

Artists coalitions and other organizations like SoundExchange and musicFirst reiterate the stand of artists with regard to the matter.

Pandora is an online music company that heavily relies on advertisements. The company was established more than ten years ago. Last October, the company reported that they have a 7% share of the total radio listening in the United States or up from 4% last year.

The success of Pandora has been double-edged since the more customer it gets, the more payout it needs to give to artists for streaming their songs online. They have a set rate until 2015.

Pandora and other online music companies are lobbying for the bill arguing that providers like cable and satellite follow different rates. They also argue that the current law is unfair to new media including internet radio. They are pushing for technology-neutral playing field in the music industry.

15 Dec

Madonna takes center stage at the 2012 Super Bowl

Madonna-in-2009It is confirmed that Madonna will be performing at the half time slot of the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis next February. The superstar will also be launching her new album that time coinciding with the prestigious musical showcase.

What should Madonna do to make her half time treat for the football fans a hit? Here are some of my suggestions:

Cover Up

Everyone’s eyes are ready for any wardrobe malfunction during the half time show of Super Bowl ever since the incident in 2004 involving Janet Jackson and Jason Timberlake. But Madonna has been an intriguing personality since she begun with things ranging from black Christ, kissing another female singer during an awards show, and releasing a book about analingus and sadomasochism. Ah, it will be nothing shocking if she flashes her chest.


How about a duet with other music icons like Michael Jackson. You know the kind of duet done by Natalie Cole with his dad Nat King Cole on video? Imagine the King of Pop on the big screen. Or maybe do a cover of one of Jacko’s songs.

Do it with Gaga

How about Madonna swallowing some of her pride to do Super Bowl’s half time show with the Italian-American performer Lady Gaga. The stage will be so unpredictable with the music icon and protégé sharing the spotlight.

22 Jan

Steffi Vertriest singing “Loving You”

I’ve been a huge fan of Belgian singer Steffi Vertriest for ages, and I can’t wait to see her live again soon. This, however, is a video of her covering Loving You by Minnie Riperton.

Here’s a couple beautiful pics of her singing:

Steffi Vertriest Steffi Vertriest
Steffi Vertriest Singing