17 Apr

So they shut down online poker…

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I’m not going to talk about the real issue here (yes, I am a poker player, and yes, I lost money on black friday) – but I do want to share this absolutely genius satirical song by the one and only MrSrslySirius.

“Seizing some assets, yeah!”
“Campaign donations, yeah!”

Oh and there’s more genius on his YouTube channel…

“So please don’t practice avoidance”.


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27 Feb

Why I Think Children Should Learn an Instrument

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There are many reasons why I think a child should learn to play an instrument. Learning to play a musical instrument gives a child a life-long skill. There will be numerous chances in a child’s life to use their skill as a musician. A child who plays a musical instrument will have options of playing in the school band, in church, or even the possibility of receiving a college scholarship.

Numerous studies have shown that a a child who plays a musical instrument increase their brain function. These same studies have proven that a child who plays a musical instrument obtain better grades in school. Music helps a mind stay attentive, helps memory functions, and improves IQ. A child with increased brain skills with be a better student; which in turn, will allow the child the chance of a better financial future.

Piano detail

Children who learn to play a musical instrument learn the value of discipline. Proficiency in playing requires patience and discipline. Learning will not take place overnight but requires daily practice to improve their skills. Daily practice teaches a child that discipline and practice pay-off with vast rewards.

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22 Jan

Steffi Vertriest singing “Loving You”

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I’ve been a huge fan of Belgian singer Steffi Vertriest for ages, and I can’t wait to see her live again soon. This, however, is a video of her covering Loving You by Minnie Riperton.

Here’s a couple beautiful pics of her singing:

Steffi Vertriest Steffi Vertriest
Steffi Vertriest Singing