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15 Feb

Top Rock Music Festivals in The U.S. for 2013

If you are planning to rock it all out this year, we have lined up some of the top music festivals happening in the the next few months in the United States. Mark your calendar, set your budget, fly over, and have a ton of rockin’ fun!

SXSW in Austin, Texascoachella

One of the mostly anticipated music festivals is the SXSW. Expect big crowds when it kicks off on March 12 in Austin. Actually, this is not just a rock festival but more of a pop culture event that helps bring music to the people. Aside from great sounds, you can expect films, technology, and lectures from some industry leaders.

Coachella in Indio, California

The Coachella this year will run between 12 and 14 April and its second offering on 19 to 21 April. It has gotten bigger since its birth in 1999. Attendees are treated with acts from established artists, up-and-coming performers, and rare appearances of music legends.

Sasquatch in George, Washington

George in Washington has a population of 500 on a regular day but come 24 May, expect that to change big time as the Sasquatch hits town. The festival boasts of a long list of artists like Metric, Silversun Pickups, Sins, Beck, and Bon Iver in the past year and fans are still waiting who will be performing this year.

Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois

The Lollapalooza may not be as hot as when it started as a caravan of the best alternative rock performers and other acts but we cannot deny that this one set the stage for the other music festivals. The popularity of this festival has sprouted to other countries like Brazil and will be going to Israel next year.

25 Apr

Survival guide to the 2012 Coachella

The Coachella music festival kicks off on April 13 and you can expect big names like Dr. Dre & Snoop, The Black Keys, Swedish House Mafia, and Radiohead among others. You can see the whole line up for the Coachella below.

Here are our survival tips so you can enjoy this year’s Coachella:


You should have a gameplan so you can see the artists you love. Know the line up, know the schedule, and get there before the hoards of people occupy every piece of soil in front of the stage.


This music festival attracts really big crowds and getting a hotel room will not be that easy. By now most rooms in Palm Springs and Indio will be booked so we hope you have reserved rooms earlier or pay a higher price.

Do not drive going to the festival

If you do not want to be stuck, do not drive to the Coachella. The traffic back log is for the books with horrible waits of as much as three to five hours. Take a cab, bike, or walk. You will be better off.

Dress right

It will be in a desert, no need for your party get up. Have the basics which can help you survive the hot daytime and very cold night time.

Explore and Enjoy

The festival is for you to discover music and the arts. There will be a lot of artists you want to see on the lineup and go around the grounds when you do not feel the music scene going on. Aside from the music there will be a lot more to enjoy. Also go with a group so it will be more fun but do not be afraid to split up to discover more.

01 Jun

Weezy’s How To Love…

Cut the music up….

Weezy sings on this track and for some reason, it works out. I bet production was a b*tch, though…

[EDIT] Updated with official HD video from Youtube, added on Aug 24.

17 Apr

So they shut down online poker…

I’m not going to talk about the real issue here (yes, I am a poker player, and yes, I lost money on black friday) – but I do want to share this absolutely genius satirical song by the one and only MrSrslySirius.

“Seizing some assets, yeah!”
“Campaign donations, yeah!”

Oh and there’s more genius on his YouTube channel…

“So please don’t practice avoidance”.


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