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13 Aug

3 Ways to Get a Record Deal

All musicians and singers dream of the day when their hard works is validated through a record deal. Knowing how to make that dream come true is vital to prevent wasted energy or resources on the road to successfully recording. These are three basic ways one can successfully achieve a record deal.

First, create a product that is going to attract the attention of record labels. Having a demo of one’s best work is crucial to getting the attention of those in the music business that can potentially sign you. The music should represent a band’s best production, so investing in quality recordings is critical. Once the demo album is recorded, it needs to be released in several different formats to accommodate the variety of tastes particular to record company’s preferences. For example, some labels will prefer a physical copy included in a press packet while others willvinyl desire an email with a link to a website that hosts the album for downloadable listening. Good music can be easily overlooked if the demo is of poor quality or if it was not shared in an appropriate format.

Second, create a proven track record of activity and self promotion. Labels will do a lot to produce an album and support a musician, but they want to know they are investing in a group that is committed to their own work. Playing concerts, keeping websites updated and maintaining a presence in the music world are all ways that a group can prove to a label that they are committed. Bands that find ways to have their music played on radio stations or by DJs will build a following that will translate into noticeable opportunity for the record company. Record companies want to nurture new talent, but bringing experience and proven dedication to the table will make a label more likely to see financial potential in an unsigned band.

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